Disappeared Love

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Disappeared Love

Disappeared Love
Disappeared Love

I never forgot that place, a place which always remembered me to someone. My special one. He had filled my heart with much of love until now. I couldn’t force myself to lose him from my brain. I thought, thought and thought him everyday in my life. Oh, my God! May be, I would be a foolish girl because of that.

I was here. I stood in the front of this remembrance place. And, I didn’t know what I did. My head was blank. I just looked on surrounding for a minute. Really didn’t know what to do. Yeah, everything was still same, like when I was in Junior High School. I smell the grass fragrance and got some sense with it. This place always made a beautiful song in my head. Yes, football field saved many memories on my happy and sad story.

I just watched and imagined him again, his smile, his laugh, all about him. I wouldn’t live without his voice in my ears. Slowly, I felt something comeback in my life. My memories replayed like a film. I saw it more and more clearly. I could see him running to me.

Nin, mm…”

“What’s wrong, Sam?” I asked him.

“I am so confused to say it.”

I heard my heart beat fast.

“What will he say? I was thinking it hard. But, I couldn’t find the answer. May he tell his love to me? Here? Now?” I thought it in my brain.

“What do you want? I will be so happy for helping you.”


“Yeah, everything you need.”

“If you say so …”

“I wait your words,” I gave comment.

“Well …”


“Can you tell Mr. Joko if I won’t come playing football this afternoon?”

“No problem,” I answered.

“I am glad to hear that.”

“By the way, why you can’t go?

Sammy closed his mouth.

“Oops, sorry. It’s my secret.”

“Can’t I know?”

“No, it is very secret.”



“Let me guess.”

“Up to you, Nin. I am sure you can’t think about it.”

“I will begin! Mm …, you will go with your girlfriend?”

When I asked that question, I really hoped if my question was wrong. Suddenly, I felt confused. While he said “yes”, I didn’t want to cope this reality faster. I was scared.

“Wrong! You know that I haven’t a girlfriend. Next!”

What a relief to find it. I could breathe again.

“So, do you accompany your mother to go to supermarket?”

“Still wrong,” he said that with a happy face.

He tried to tempt! But, how handsome he is.

‘Okay, my last question. You help your friend?”

”No, Nin! You lose. You can’t guess it.”

“I surrender, Sam. It’s not a quiz. Do you understand?”

“Sorry, I don’t.”

“I am sorry, too. I won’t tell Mr. Joko.”

I had walked to go from him when Sammy followed my step.

“Wait! I will say it.”

I stopped and so did he. I saw he was panting after running after me.

“Actually, I am so embarrassed to say that. Well …”


“I want to play PS.”

“Play Station?” I almost shouted if Sammy didn’t close my mouth with his hand.

“Sst …” It’s our secret.”

“Oh, Sammy. You are very naughty. I can’t help you.”

“You are like a teacher, Nin.”

“ So? “

“You had promised me!”

“But, I can’t …”

“Of course, you can. It will be our secret.”

“But …”

“Please! You are my best friend.”

“I surrendered and began to talk,” Never mind. I’ll do that.”

“Thank you, Nin.” Bye!”

I trusted if Sammy won’t play PS for twice. I knew he had a high responsibility with all his jobs. I never denied it. He is a good man for everybody, included me!

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